CanSkate is a dynamic learn-to-skate program that focuses on fun, participation and basic skill development. Based on Sport Canada’s long term athlete development (LTAD) principles, CanSkate centers on physical literacy and the fundamental skills needed to take part in any ice sport or to skate as a recreational activity.

CanSkate sessions: Wednesdays 6:10pm-6:55pm and Saturdays 11:05am-11:50am and 1:25pm-2:10pm

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CanPowerSkate’s Pre-Power is designed for young skaters, approximately four to six years of age who can stand up on skates and move forward (shuffle, walk or glide) who may not be ready for CanPowerSkate Level 1. Pre-Power helps develop basic skating abilities in a power skating-specific environment, including balance skills, forward and backward skating, stopping, turning and agility skills. The curriculum is presented in three progressive levels complete with its own awards to encourage participation and motivate skaters. 

  • Please note- This is not a learn to Skate program. If you have little to no experience please sign up for Canskate.

CanPowerSkate Pre-power session: Tuesdays 6:10pm -6:55pm

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STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and interpretive skating. Unique in Canada, this program teaches figure skating skills in a group and/or private lesson format in a progressive and sequential manner. Skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests through a nationally standardized testing system. This is not a learn to Skate program.You need to be working on Stage 5 or 6 Canskate level in order to start in PreStar.

StarSkate Sessions:

Star 1 JR/SR – Tuesday 5:15pm-6pm  Saturday 2:10pm-2:55pm                                                                   Star 2+ Tuesday 4-5:15pm, Wednesday 4-6pm, Saturday 12-1:15pm

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Teen/Adult Learn to Skate offers opportunities for skaters 14+ to develop fundamental skating skills for recreational skating, figure skating, and hockey. Teen/Adult lSkate is for skaters off all levels from learn to skate to skill advancement.

AdultSkate Sessions: Tuesdays 7:05pm-7:50pm

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